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Skidaway Steamers was started in 2010 by Steven Hughes and Garner Creel to provide Savannah and the low country an option for turnkey, “one pot” catering based upon a simple principle that “fresh is best.” All of the products and ingredients we use are local or flown in the day of your event to assure you and your guests are served the highest quality seafood available. Skidaway Steamers specializes in Low Country Boils, Oyster Roasts, Clam/Lobster Bakes and Crawfish Boils. We also provide side dishes such as Savannah Red Rice, Asian Coleslaw, Corn Bread and our world famous Brunswick Stew. In addition, we include our housemade seasonings and condiments: SS Cocktail Sauce and SS Seafood Butter. With Skidaway Steamers, you need only decide what you want us to serve and let us take it from there.


We sell all of our spices and sauces online!

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